Non-Ethical holiday

  The holiday itself is not unethical, I am not being unethical – but I have at last submitted my ethics applications to both my university and Department of Education and Training. So this is the non-ethics holiday. Instead I have read a Graphic guide to Foucault (I don’t think he would have been an easy or likeable person), a couple of emails to my advisor (more on that soon) and playing with some ideas for articles that will be the last part).

Firstly though – the holiday – Koh Yao Noi island in Thailand. We have been here before and loved it’s quiet easy going nature and also the food. This time we have rented a house over the water from which we watch every sunset. The breeze comes up just before lunch when you think you can’t take the heat and humidity any more and we relax back into the cane deck chairs with a book, a cold beer, prepping for the next meal or massage. 

And then I get an email from my advisor telling me about an advisoral team change that is different to one one we spoke about. A couple of emails later I had the last word (I have a feeling I am not his easiest student to advise, but I really like him as a person and for his academic skills. There are some of his other skills that I’m working on…). So my final email was – ways to drive your advisor up the wall. Send holiday photos – I sent him four. Point out that if he had mastered or even dabbled in social media we could talk through Skype or messenger – this is an ongoing debate with us. And finally in a beautifully punctuated list point out and demonstrate that I now love using semicolons (which is a bit of an exaggeration) now that I am finished writing my ethics application. He spent a lot of time (sorry) editing and adding semicolons into my work. 

I am now at the next waiting stage – waiting for ethics to return. I have lots of reading to do, but I’m hopeless at gathering readings and not really formulating any considered notes or shape from them – I need a small short term goal apart from ‘my thesis’. So I’m considering writing some articles – I am not aiming for publication, I’m aiming for focus. And I think I’ll start with a couple of ‘Response to…’ type articles. On my list are Neil Selwyn, Ben Williamson, Jenny Ozga, Paul Henman, Bob Lingard, Sam Sellar and Ian Hardy. More on that later, time to walk down my dusty, concrete road to get my nails done and then off to P’Chan’s for lunch, possibly a seafood salad, or tamarind fish or stir fry prawns or…


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