Day 4

The King reigns but does not govern. Dean challenges us to print those words out, put them on the wall and ponder.

Following on from the Master Class on Foucault was the public lecture with Mitchell Dean this afternoon. He spoke about how we all contribute to keeping Foucault ‘alive’. Foucault remains influential today although we need to place his writings in the context of his time. Dean commented that he was sure that if Foucault were alive today (he would be 90 next year) that he would have continued to confuse and challenge with his writings, lectures and thoughts.

I found it interesting and sad that the only words of FoucAult’s that have been ignored are those in his will of no post humus publications of his work. Was it that he knew his ideas would shift with the times?

A question was asked that While Foucault always worked in the shadow of the state, the shadow of the sovereignty or the ‘king’, how do we operate in the shadow of the economy – and is one of my questions how do we operate in the shadow of the digital?

I’m looking forward to rewatching the lecture that was recorded as there were points that I wanted to note, but didn’t want to miss the next comments. And yes, already I wish I had been in a better space and had presented a paper, but at least I know the expectations and protocols around such an event – a whole new world.


Mitchell Dean


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