And we’re off

wow, 580+ days since I have blogged, probably can’t consider blogging a habit, yet. So what have I been doing? 

Moved from Cairns to Brisbane.

Changed jobs.

Almost changed jobs again (I came second).

Settled into inner city living.

Discovered lots of restaurants for brunch and dinner.

Developed a great fitness regime. 

Ran my first 10 k.

Ran my first half marathon.

Wrecked my dodgy knees.

Lost a great fitness regime.

Travelled to NZ, Thailand (twice), Sydney all for fun.

Organised finances and even submitted my tax – twice.

Started sending Tweets.

Discovered Foucault ( bet you didn’t even realise that he was lost)

Sent off my Confirmation of Candidature transfer paper. 

Ok, so now everything is up to date! See I haven’t just been sitting around playing ‘Three’ and ‘2048’, although I did plenty of that, too. 

I’ve always planned to use this blog as my public research diary. I’d planned to write in it regularly, as is the way with diaries, to assist in my reflexivity process. But each time I thought about a topic and structured the text in my head, teased out the key points, determined the style, tone – it would get so big I never even opened the page. I like to get things right, not just correct (although, partial to that, too). Yep, I’m very partial to ‘right’. 

Just to make it clear before you think that I am a total control freak, pedant obsessed neurotic dipstick (and as my sister will never likely discover this blog, and my favourite daughter likes visiting for food, no one should contradict me here) – I don’t mean right as in no mistakes. Mistakes, oops moments, move us along, they are often funny and we can all do with a good laugh! I mean ‘wrong’ but sometimes I get caught up in ‘not perfect’.

I battle with the intertwining of ‘right’ and ‘perfect’. And the battle often prevents the writing of blogposts, the starting of conversations, challenges avoided all because I may not get it right/perfect. I tried hard to make sure my children were confident risk takers (note to favourite son – limit the risk taking when travelling in South America!). And they are – they are right and perfect and their belief in me and their ability to teach my lessons back to me have been soul strengthening. 

So this is a mishmash blog, it’s not structured, it is an ’empty brain cache’ post to restart the research journal. I’m hoping for more regular posts (Yes. More that one per 586 days). I’m hoping for a theme for each one. But I am positive that there will be many simple ’empty brain cache’ posts along the way. I would love to develop into a blogger like the Thesis Whisperer, but I’m more aiming for ‘confirmed candidate’ status. Did you notice the last item on the list above? 13 days to go until my presentation for confirmation of candidature. 

Time to click send (only checked this once, so may have spelling grammatical errors – hope world keeps turning, if not, sorry about that).

Time to prepare for my presentation.

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One Response to And we’re off

  1. Lesley Boyd says:

    Love it. I have that perfection thing as well. All the very best for your confirmation presentation, we will be dying to hear how you got on!!

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