On your mark; Get set; Wait

On your mark…
So many beginnings prior to getting to the starting mark of commencing my PhD:
– brought up with a love of learning
– decided at 5 years old to become a teacher
– became a teacher at 20 years old
– question much of how we do business in education
– watched those with puffy hats walk in the processional when my son graduated and decided that I wanted a puffy hat!
– rejected by a uni when I applied for a Grad Cert in research as preparation – on the grounds my 30 year old grades were not high enough (And no, I am not over that although blowing raspberries at their sign every time I drive past, helps.)
– blitzed my Masters of Education, even though my GPA of 6.4 doesn’t beat my daughter’s ( Yes, we are competitive – ever met a mother/daughter who aren’t?)
– applied to apply for my PhD
– requested a supervisor
– chatted with supervisor
– invited to apply
– applied
– met with supervisor
– currently waiting for the official starting gun

Get set…
So while I wait for the starters gun, there are things I feel I need to do to get things set:
– read about starting a PhD and decipher some of the jargon, the differences in USA, UK, Europe and Australia, the differences in faculties
– pin all sorts of infographics, cartoons, memes and words of wisdom regarding a PhD (yes, I also found some great travel and Christmas pins along the way.)
– find and follow some supportive, informative Twitter feeds
– decide if my Twitter account is going to be for personal, professional or academic use (ongoing decision process)
– follow supportive, informative blogs on both thesis creation, PhD journeys and my topic (difficult until I nail the topic)
– start my own blog to record the story of my next few(?) years (this would be it – Not that kind of Doctor – yes I’m a Doctor Who fan)
– determine which online tools I’ll keep from my Masters and professional experiences and which I’ll switch
– determine pre-reading on methodology, build on knowledge from Masters
– consider the many aspects of my initial question

Not yet – I’ll let you know

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One Response to On your mark; Get set; Wait

  1. If we’re rounding to 0.1 our GPAs are actually exactly the same 😛 I think you’re going to win this PhD race though somehow… 🙂

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